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Firmware Update for 360Anywhere (V0.17.17)


Posted by Jinhe Rao, 16th Sep, 2020

New Features & Improvements

1. DNG and DNG10 are supported.

2. 1/2s, 1/4s 1/8s, and 1/16s are available for shutter speed.

3. Dual streaming feeds with different resolutions are supported.

4. In-camera stitching is support for both photo shooting and video recording. When enabled, original unstitched footage won't be saved and DNG is not supported.

5. RTMP Server is supported.

6. Image/video quality has been improved significantly.

7. 10 bit and 8 bit are optional for your video

8. Optimized footage file structure.

9. Fixed the bubbling sound issue with the external mic.

10. Overall performance optimization.

How to upgrade?

First, you need to download the firmware files here.

Second, find the camera serial number on the warranty card or connect the camera to the computer and launch 360Anywhere Controller. You will find it at the top left corner.

Third, Contact our support team with the serial number for further instructions.


Notes: You may not be able to play videos with 360Anywhere Controller and photos/videos taken by the previous version may not be supported by new software. Newer version will be provided with better compatibility in a week or two.

What are coming next?

- Video Stabilization
- USB 3.0

Why 360Anywhere and Where to buy it?

Real 8K Video Quality

Dual Live Streaming Feeds

DNG/DNG10 Enabled

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