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This page is dedicated to the system upgrade logs for SKYWORTH VR HEADSET. 

March 23, 2020

Update Instructions:

This is a beta version of the SKYWORTH VR system. Please read the following lists carefully before you make the upgrade. Many bugs have been fixed while some known issues have also been listed. It’s your decision to make the upgrade or not with this update. 

The installer can be downloaded here. Please select the right installer you want from the folder named in the date of release.

If you have any problems using SKYWORTH VR headset, please contact us at or leave your message at the Contact Us page.

Fixed bugs:

1005318 Compatible issue with Nolo 6dof
1005338 The screen freezes after switched to VR mode for 360 video on Youtube.
1006191 After the screen lights up from sleeping, the sensor calibration delays and the scene is moving. 
1006757 When a window pops up for confirming to delete a .apk file, the icon disappears or turns into white if you choose to Undo the request.
1006751 When JioCinema is running, the keyboard shows up at Launcher if you click Home to return.
1006741 When playing the video with captions in Resources Center, the captions display in the middle when viewed in Giant Screen, Starry Sky and Space Capsule.
1006739 A white block blinks after removing the last .apk file on the second screen if there were two screens of .apk files.
1006704 When starting the headset for the first time, disconnect and reconnect the controller while a video is playing, the anchor will disappear when you try to disconnect the controller from the Launcher. 
1006738 The installer will be replaced with space after it’s installed.
1006694 Entering the Resource Center for the first time, the 3D video can be stretched. 
1006420 When a nolo controller is connected and confirmed, In Controller Mode does not show up. 
1006263 When an encrypted video with error is playing and you click Esc. from the player menu, the encrypting error message blinks.
1006701 When playing a video and click Next until it tries to play a video with error, the error message will pop up and freeze. 
1006434 When you open a picture and the picture list shows up again after disappeared, you can only return to Launcher by clicking Return or Home button. 
1006699 3D effect is not supported by the picture.
1006702 When there are two pages of an app to be deleted, you won’t be able to click the Previous/Next Page button after you’ve removed an app from the second page. The home page of the app won’t show up when you re-enter after removing all the apps. 
1006697 The white blocks will be replaced deleted .apk files if you delete them in a row.
1006696 The .apk files may be missing after they’re copied to the headset.
1006700 Go button in the controller connection page is half covered.
1006714 It says Foxno and Hulu have to be updated, but you can’t update them at Google Play. 
1006415 JioCinema displays with an error when it’s running for the first time.
1006292 Some of the video covers to the right of the Launcher is white (no sound and picture when playing).
1006187 The nono controller freezes after you escape from the nolo Home.
1006190 You need to click Confirm button twice to call out the Control Panel when you try to play an encrypted video with an error. 
1006186 When you try to re-center with nolo controller at Resources Center, sometimes it does and sometimes it goes back to Launcher when you click the Home button for the first time. It’s offset a little bit if you do it second time thereafter.
1006160 You can control the direction by turning your head when re-entering Jump after you’ve run the other app (still running at the background).
1006162 Return and Back button won’t work with some 2D apps.
1006161 Go to Resources Center -> Installers, the right name won’t show up when you click a .apk file.

Known issues:

  1. You will be asked to re-download the installer after you’ve downloaded the installer through FOTA and reboot the device.
  2. When you’re forced to upgrade in the popup window, you can still return to the Launcher by clicking the Clean and Home button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Typo for the upgrade.
  4. When playing 360 videos on Youtube and casting the screen to a TV with Tencent Aurora, the screen will be split into half.
  5. A picture can’t be recognized after it was read with a problem. 
  6. It’s suggested to disable the Previous/Next page button when the popup window shows up to confirm to delete the files (Videos, Pictures, App, .APK files) to the right column of the Launcher. 
  7. The screen is white when casting a Youtube video to TV with the default casting app.
  8. The headset screen will be dazzling when casting to TV with Chorm.
  9. When playing a Youtube video in VR mode, the Menu can’t be called out by clicking the Confirm button or all the actions on Menu won’t work.
  10. The headset screen will be dazzling while you turn your head if you’re playing a Youtube video and try to switch it to VR mode.

Scheduled update:

The next upgrade with new features & bugs to be fixed will be provided by next Friday, April 3 according to the SKYWORTH team. 

  1. Fix bugs for watching Youtube videos in VR mode.
  2. Others. 
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