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Firmware Update for TECHE 3D180VR Camera

Firmware version 0.1.16 is now available for your 3D180VR camera. You may refer to the bugs fixed and improvements with the new firmware. It’s suggested that all users update their cameras to the latest firmware.

  1. Improved image quality, especially with the human face details.
  2. Increased the stability of recording with the external TF card.
  3. You are now able to check the audio channel number for the external microphone.
  4. Optimized the default values for exposure & white balance, and the changes can be saved for future shootings.
  5. Added customizable options for RGB, Hue, Saturation, Comparison, Sharpness scaling, and Noise reduction.
  6. Single lens preview is now supported by PC controller along with image dragging & zooming in/out.
  7. Fixed the sync problem of two lenses.
  8. Fixed the high-frequency audio capturing problem.
  9. Others bugs fixed and overall performance improved.

Notes: Connect the camera to the power supply & internet during the update. The camera may restart automatically for a couple of times. After it’s done, go to Help – Update in the Controller to check if the update has been installed successfully.

For latest PC software & Android app, please refer to TECHE software dowload page

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