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How to connect with TECHE 3D180VR camera?

There are three ways to connect with your TECHE 3D180VR camera. 
1. Camera Wi-Fi
The camera has a built-in Wi-Fi. Just search for 3D180VR in the Wi-Fi settings of your smartphone/Pad/PC. Use password provided by us for the connection. (The password is usually sent by our support team after the camera has been shipped.)

Launch the app/software and you will see the camera's IP address appears in the camera list box. 

2. Intranet Router
Make sure the camera and your PC are connected to the same intranet. In this case, just launch the software and you will see the camera's IP address in the list box. 

3. Direct Connection with a LAN Cable
Use a LAN cable to connect the camera with your PC directly. In this way, you will need to change the computer's IP address to 10.0.1.xxx and the mask to Leave all the others blank. The camera's fixed IP address is, so you can use any other one than

If you need any assistance, contact our support team

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