360 Photos
Shot On iPhone

Wide-angle lens
Sleek protection case

Turn your iPhone
into a 360 camera

The must-have
iPhone accessory

High quality

Detachable case

"There are no shortage of clip-on or snap-on lens kits for iPhones -- Apple's gadget is, after all, the world's most popular camera by sheer user base...turns the Apple device into a camera that can shoot 360-degree photos or ultra-wide anamorphic photos or videos."


JAN 2019

"Many mobile photographers have experienced the hassles in carrying a bunch of bulky lenses and devices for capturing specific perspectives. One may find a wide-angle lens, a 360° camera, an anamorphic lens and a fisheye lens in a photographer's travel bag."


DEC 2018

"It would be great to be able to use a 360 camera that is in the budget category...the Coolpo App has the 360° shooting capability with a patent-pending stitching algorithm. Video stablization is OK, real-time filters can be applied to video and 360 photo, that's great."


DEC 2018

Coolpo Lens for iPhone 7/8

Coolpo Lens for iPhone 7 Plus/8 Plus

Coolpo Lens for iPhone X/XS