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How to Set up Live Streaming with TECHE 360Anywhere?


There are two types of live streaming: Internet & Intranet. 

With internet live streaming, you need to use a streaming server like YouTube or a commercial 360 live streaming server. People from around the world may see your show if you publicize the viewing address provided by the streaming server. In this case, please select the RTMP protocol and fill in the streaming URL and key as below:
streaming url

With intranet live streaming, the camera itself can be used as a streaming server but it's limited to a few devices to be connected concurrently for watching the live streaming. The camera and the VR headset or smartphone should be connected to the same network, usually in the same office. In this case, you need to select RTSP or RTMP Server for the live streaming protocol and the viewing address will be created automatically as below

RTMP Server


Note: The valid string starts from rtmp. 

You can assign a static IP address to the camera. Go to Menu => Set => Set IP. 

 Assign Static IP

Autopush: The camera will automatically start to live stream with the last used settings after it restarts. 

Built-in Transcoding: You can set up two live streaming feeds at different resolutions, such as 8K & 4K. In this case, the audiences can use either a VR headset (8K) or a smartphone (4K) to watch the same live show. You don't need to spend a huge cost for an external transcoding service anymore. This is the unique feature of TECHE products. (When it's enabled, the preview may not be available).

Main Stream

Aux Stream

How to watch the intranet streaming with the auto-generated URLs. 

eth0@0:rtmp:// ------ Connect your camera to the computer via ethernet cable and watch on your computer.

eth0@1:rtmp:// ------ Connect to the same network

wlan0@0:rtmp:// ------ Connect to the camera's Wi-Fi directly.


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