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Firmware Update for TECHE 360Anywhere

Firmware 0.29.10 is now available for 360Anywhere.
You can go to the Help menu of  360Anywhere Controller to upgrade the camera firmware to the latest version if your camera is with the firmware version 0.17.17 or later. If your camera is using firmware 0.12.12 or earlier version, please contact our support team for assistance.
New features & bugs fixed
  1. RTMPS streaming is now supported. Select RTMP as the streaming protocol and enter RTMPS streaming URL in the Streaming Address box in 360Anywhere Controller. You are now able to go live directly with 360Anywhere on Facebook. 
  2. Enhanced performance of the built-in battery. 
Download Full Package including 360Anyhere Controller & Stitcher
Download 360Anywhere Controller for computer without video graphic card or with the graphic card lower than Nvidia Geforce RTX 1060. 
Android App:
iOS App can be downloaded from App Store. Search TECHE Center and you will find it. 
System Requirements for 360Anywhere Stitcher
Intel i7 or later
Nvidia Geforce RTX1060  8GB or above

For Mac Users:

It’s recommended that you use Mistika VR for video stitching. We’re providing a camera bundle including Mistika VR Professional Edition at its best value. 

If you already have the camera, you can also get the activation code for Mistika VR from our online store at an exclusive price.  

For the activation code purchased from us, its activation deadline is Dec. 26, 2022, and it will expire in one year after it’s activated. For example, if you purchase the code on May 5 but activate it on Dec 26, it expires on Dec 26, 2023. For more information about Mistika VR, please visit the SGO website

You may use an Android file transfer app for downloading the footage from the camera to your Mac via a USB-C cable. 

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