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Coolpo 360 Video Conference Camera - AI Hundle Pana

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  • [360° View and 4K Resolution] The COOLPO AI Huddle Pana camera is the solution you need for any video conference and is designed to make your remote meetings smarter. With its 360-degree all-in-one webcam design, there's no need for stitching. Participants can comfortably sit in a meeting room while the camera captures the entire scene in 4K quality, eliminating the need for everyone to crowd around a small web camera.
  • [Voice Tracking & 4 Mics] With advanced AI, the COOLPO conference camera automatically focuses on the active speaker, tracking different people simultaneously. Intelligent Zoom optimizes screen space, adjusting focus and display frame based on the highlighted participants. 4 high-quality microphones ensure clear voices within 15ft are captured by this innovative meeting camera. The 360° COOLPO all-in-one conference camera promotes collaboration. Transform spaces into high-end hybrid meeting setups.
  • [Secure USB Plug and Play Connect] The COOLPO camera prioritizes security with its physical USB connection. This eliminates the risk of privacy invasion through wireless Bluetooth or WiFi connections. Setting up the conference room camera is effortless since no driver installation or maintenance is required. Select the COOLPO conference camera as your audio and video device in your preferred meeting software, and you're ready to enjoy smooth online meetings.
  • [Stand-alone AI] The COOLPO product algorithms and firmware are stored within the camera's hardware using advanced edge computing technology. All data processing occurs locally, eliminating the need for external data transfers. Also, COOLPO's MeetingFlex AI is built using in-house owned and generated training data, ensuring that no additional data is required from users. These robust security measures ensure this high level of privacy protection.
  • [After Sale Service] The COOLPO professional customer service team is happy to help you with any additional information you might need, so don't hesitate to contact us anytime and we will answer you in the shortest possible time.
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