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Frequently Asked Questions

Life Pal Limited is the global partner of TECHE and LIFEPALSTORE.COM is the official online store for TECHE products outside of the Chinese market. All the products will be shipped directly from TECHE if you order at our online store.

Order and Service

Is the camera in Stock and how long will it take for shipping?

Yes, the camera is in stock and the Add to Cart button will grey out if it's out of stock. The total shipping will take about 5-10 business days to most of the EU countries and North America.

What's the warranty policy for TECHE camera?

One year warranty is provided by the manufacturer, including online technical support. Repair or replacement will be provided if the product has been detected with defects due to the craftsmanship. Refer to TECHE Warranty Policy for more details.

How can I pay for my order?

You can pay with credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Bank Transfer. We won't charge you immediately after you've submitted your order (Authorizing us to charge you in one week). We may contact you to confirm your identity and the ownership of your payment method. We will only initiate the charging process once your ownership of the credit card/PayPal account has been confirmed, and then we'll start to prepare the shipment.

Can I return it if I don't like it?

We provide 7 days regret period. If 7 days have gone by since you receive your products, unfortunately, we can’t offer you a refund or exchange unless it's eligible for the manufacturer's warranty policy to return due to the craftsmanship defects.
To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging. You should contact for approval before you send the product back. Please make sure to attach the package photo to prove it's intact. WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY RETURNS WITHOUT THE PRIOR APPROVAL FROM LIFE PAL LIMITED. You will be charged 20% of the price you paid to us for the credit card rate, customs duty and handling fee.

Do I need to pay the tax?

We don't collect tax on all orders as Life Pal Limited is a Hong Kong company, but you may need to pay the import duty to your government. We usually declare the product at $200 as a sample for shipping, but it's your sold responsibility for the customs clearance. Life Pal Limited will do it's best in assisting the customs clearance. If you want to have it declared at its full price, please contact us after you've submitted your order.


How to connect the camera to my computer/smartphone?

You can connect your smartphone/computer to the camera’s Wi-Fi (5Ghz) directly, or to the same network, like to the same Ethernet router.

What is transcoding?

It’s for live streaming. When it’s on, the camera will be able to create two streaming feeds at different resolutions, such as 8K & 4K, so that the audience will be able to watch the show with any devices at the same time, computer, smartphone, VR headset, etc. You will need to fill in two streaming URLs and keys. When it’s on, the Controller’s preview feature will be off.

Is external audio supported?

Yes. You can connect your external mic with USB-C to 3.5mm/OTG cable. When it’s connected, the built-in mic will be disabled.

Is external SSD supported?

Not yet. The team is still working on it.

How to remove the black hole on the top when live streaming to YouTube?

You need to create a new streaming key for the camera instead of using the default one.

How long will the built-in battery last for the regular shooting?

It will last about 2.5-3 hours for regular shooting.

Is the external battery available? What kind of battery can be used with TECHE 360Anywhere?

Yes. You can find the external battery available at TECHE Portable Power Bank along with other accessories. You can also use your own external battery with 12.6V output, but you may need to use TECHE power cable.

Can I use the camera on a drone?

360Anywhere is light and compact with only 600 grams and 150mm x 55mm x 55mm in dimension. You can surely hang it to a drone for shooting pictures and recording video.

Can the camera live stream for a long time?

Yes. TECHE is only the brand on the market so far to provide camera capable of live streaming 24/7.

Can I use third-party OBS for live streaming?

Yes. Please refer to the article about live streaming with OBS Studio.

How to get the TECHE SDK for the camera?

Please contact us for more information or email us at

What is real-time voice chat about?

With real-time voice enabled, you’re able to talk to your audience when it’s live. This is a feature for business users. You may need to develop your app integrated with Agora or submit your request to us.

Will the camera get overheated?

No. Thanks to its unique design, the camera will never get overheated and can work 24/7.

What bitrate should I use for 4K live streaming?

We usually use 30Mbps for 4K live streaming to get better image quality.

What’s the longest shutter speed for shooting the picture?

The longest shutter speed for shooting JPG/DNG photo is ½ second, while the shortest is 1/8000 second.

Why can’t I find the products on TECHE’s own website?

Life Pal Store is the official online store of TECHE products for market outside of China, while TECHE team is focusing on the Chinese market. You can only find the new products on TECHE website in Chinese.

Can I get the sample footage of the camera for the evaluation?

You can find the sample images/video here.

Where can I find the latest software and how to update the firmware?

The latest software installer can be found here. Please go to Help menu in 360Anywhere Controller and select Update to upgrade the firmware. Please make sure the camera is connected to the power while it’s being updated. After it’s done, please uninstall 360Anywhere Controller and install the latest one to enjoy the new features.

What are the minimum system requirements for running TECHE software?

For 360Anywhere Controller, no specific requirements on the system, but it’s suggested that your computer has a processer of I7 or higher and a graphic card RTX 1080 or higher. Refer to the User Guide for more information.

Why can’t the battery be charged? What do the light statuses mean?

The camera will protect itself from being charged to avoid overheating. Please turn off the camera for about 15-30 minutes before you charge it. If the status is in constant red, it’s being charged. If it’s flashing, the camera has to cool down for a longer time.

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